How Much Gynostemma Tea Should I Drink?

Gynostemma tea has plenty of health benefits, and it should be taken daily as much as you want. It is a cure-all tea that treats a variety of conditions and illnesses.

Among the many health benefits of Gynostemma tea are treating inflammation, removing mucus and bronchitis, stopping cough, preventing high blood pressure, migraines, coronary heart disease, insomnia, and arthritis. Gynostemma has amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. It has more than 80 Gypenosides that makes it more than ginseng that can treat numbers of neurological conditions such as depression and anxiety. Besides, athletes who drink Gynostemma tea put more lean muscles than those who do not. Another thing is that it reduces fat and speeds up metabolism and help the balance systems of people who are troubled in gaining weight.

Moreover, Gynostemma tea boasts cardiovascular health. Its high antioxidant boosts the activity levels of the antioxidative enzymes that prevent different types of diseases. It helps lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. In fact, it treats a cough, ulcers, chronic bronchitis, constipation, swelling, and more.

Gynostemma tea has no adverse side effects to people who are not pregnant, so it is recommended to be taken daily. Drinking four to eight cups of the tea or about 80z/250 ml a day or as much as you want is highly advisable.  To make it easy, start drinking Gynostemma tea slowly with one to two cups daily. Then, build up drinking over the same amount for about one to two weeks.

Since Gynostemma is an adaptogenic superfood, it does not harm to take more than four cups of tea. It is okay for extensive usage. For brewing Gynostemma herbal tea, one of the easiest way to prepare its drink, it may be infusions or decoctions. Making the tea by pouring hot water over a tea bag is called an infusion while decoction happens when herbs are boiled. It is merely steeped in hot water.

For tea infusion by a cup, use one teaspoon or 1 gram of Gynostemma. Infuse the leaf for three to ten minutes and enjoy the tea while nibbling on settling sweet leaves, there is no need for a tea bag. On the other hand, in brewing Gynostemma tea, the amount of leaf is 1 to 2 teaspoons or 1 to 2.5 grams for 6 to 8 ounce or 175 to 250 milliliters and infuses for one to ten minutes in a water temperature of 140 to 212F or 60 to 100 Celsius. Do a short infusion time with multiple infusions of the same leaves.

To thoroughly get health benefits of Gynostemma, it can be enjoyed not only by making teas but also by adding Gynostemma powder to vodka, and other baked goods such as cookies, cakes, and pancakes. It can also be added to pumpkins, nut bars, cereal, shakes, and juices.

Because there is no known dosage when taking Gynostemma tea on a certain amount, using it daily, and as much as you want is highly recommended to enjoy its full benefits. The higher the consumption of Gynostemma, the greater the possibility to enjoy more health benefits.

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