I have Mitral Valve Prolapse. Will Jiaogulan Tea Help?


If disturbed by the above question, the answer is it is of help to mitral valve prolapse condition. Mitral valve prolapse is usually common among the aged and middle-aged people due to changes in the degeneration of their valve. These lead to overloading of your heart and as a result causing some severe case of insufficiency in the mitral valve. Researchers have confirmed that five percent of the population and ten percent of young women suffer from mitral valve prolapse. This condition can be bothersome since it can be diagnosed for a long time. Any stimulant stimulates MVP since the more your valves get excited, the higher the chances of dysfunction.

Mitral valve prolapse effects

As we have said about stimulants such as caffeine, have extreme effects on your heart. In this case, your heart starts to beat harder and faster and as a result making your mitral valve to function less efficiently and work harder as well. Mitral valve regulates the flow of blood between the left side of your heart and the chambers. Instead of the mitral valve closing correctly the flaps that open and seal mitral valve prolapse it starts leaking the blood back to atrium or chamber. This leaking of blood knows what is known as regurgitation. However, with time the ventricle wall begins to thicken causing weaker and ineffective beat. These, in turn, will develop some chest complications, cough, and breathing difficulties. These can finally generate some hearth problems or atherosclerosis.

How Jiaogulan tea will help you heal Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP).

Some remarkable facts about Jiaogulan tea are that it counteract this condition and all other complications which accompany it. Also, if at the early stage of development of mitral valve prolapse, Jiaogulan tea counters and prevents the development of this condition. Jiaogulan tea is very resourceful to your body through the production of an important compound such as nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is essential for the proper and normal functioning of your body organs including your heart.

Jiaogulan tea helps in improving the metabolism and nourishment of weakened and overloaded myocardium, and as a result, you get to enjoy proper and normal functioning of your heart’s valves.

Nevertheless, this herbal tea prevents your heart from suffering mitral valve prolapse and aid in dilating you heart chambers as well as the recovery of your valves to normal condition.


It is essential to note that mitral valve prolapse runs among family members. If one of your close relatives has, you need to visit the nearest physician and inform him/her about the condition of your own heart. If found with the condition then think of how you can control it. Jiaogulan tea is the best medicinal that can help you manage this state since it has no caffeine which aggravates the situation. If you suffer from this disease never use any stimulant substance but keep using Gynostemma tea which will improve your body immune system. Also, it also prevents the damage of your arterial lining.

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