What Will Jiaogulan Tea Do For My Menstrual Cramps?


Jiaogulan tea is a refreshing tea commonly used in southern China due to its anti-aging and longevity properties. Gynostemma Prentaphylum, Jiaogulan, has healthy and soothing properties. These properties are very essential and of value to menstrual cramps. Jiaogulan combined with exercise and a balanced diet have been found to be the best compliment for your general health. Though not defined, Jiaogulan combined with other herbs and Dong Quai treats as well as providing a good effect on menstrual cramps. Jiaogulan being an adaptogen enhances synergy and adjusts genital tract through regulation of neuron-endocrine.

Gynostemma tea as an adaptogen in menstrual cramps.

Adaptogen reduces the body’s susceptibility to diseases and illness by allowing the organism to adapt to the stressful environment. Adaptogen restores normal metabolism, balanced immune, endocrine systems as well as balance to the nervous systems. These usually allow your organs have optimal homeostasis and as a result benefit you by reducing menstrual cramps. As an adaptogen Jiaogulan tea has a normalizing effect that has influences physiology. Normalizing effect indicates the bidirectional effects of adaptogen physiological function. They are responsible for strengthening or toning down multiple body systems including the immune system. If for instance you have extreme menstrual cramps and take Jiaogulan tea, it restores you to the normal condition.

Why take Jiaogulan tea before and during menstrual cramps

Sometimes menstrual cramps maybe horrible to the extent of making unable to work. Some would even go pain killers thinking that they are the solution to your period pain. Though they would numb this pain, you won’t go for long without the period pain coming back again. In this case, Gynostemma tea would be very resourceful in containing your menstrual cramps. The herb works by protecting your immune system as well as reducing the flow of blood when you have some menstrual cramps.

This tea enhances hormonal balance which helps stabilize and contain menstrual cramps. Additionally, Jiaogulan tea empowers your body in toning and relaxing of the uterus to reduce menstrual cramps. Also, this herb contains high contents of vitamins which helps in reducing nausea and cramping as well as maintaining your energy. Deficiency in magnesium which could be caused by lack of enough sleep, stress and being on the run all time can contribute to menstrual cramps. Jiaogulan provides such vital minerals such as magnesium to your body.


In conclusion, I at this moment wish to recommend you to use Jiaogulan tea if menstrual cramps disturb rather than going for the painkillers to control your menstrual cramps. Also, ensure when purchasing this tea you are keen, go for the original and quality one. It is also essential you do a proper investigation of the type of Jiaogulan tea you are buying to ensure there are no chemicals, coloring, caffeine, sugar, herbicides, pesticides and flavorings. A pure non-GMO Jiaogulan tea would be the best for your condition. Using Jiaogulan tea regularly or daily is the greatest, easiest and cheapest way of containing your menstrual cramps.

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